Hi there, I’m Mary. I’m a mother of two and a part-time photographer. Welcome to Lunaception, my place to speak to the world and connect with others who’ve gone through or are going through motherhood.

It’s a glorious experience when you find out your pregnant with child. It can also be a stress filled moment in life, where you could feel alone and overwhelmed. Whether it’s your first time in motherhood or your fourth time, having a community of support makes a world you difference in how you feel in the pregnancy. Supportive friends, family, neighbors, and associates make life a little more easier as you transition to adding a new family member to your life.

Many times in life when we talk about having a community of help, the ego might make us feel as though we are invincible and that we can take care of any and everything that comes along our way, but then something happens and then all of a sudden we realize that we’re not as powerful. It may humble us and put us in a vulnerable position where we do need to rethink how much we put upon ourselves because of pride.

Life can literally knock you down and throw everything your way and especially while pregnant it can be somewhat unbearable because your body is changing inside and out. A sense of community can lend a helping hand and the support of friendship and family can help feel emotional and physical holes. It is important to be able to reach out to

community and to know that you have some support that someone’s there you can talk to. Someone that you you can bounce ideas off of when you need advice or someone to vent frustrations with.

Community is also essential in helping to educate yourself to make sure that there is knowledge about statics and safety of you’re current neighborhood when bringing a new life in the world. By knowing the neighborhood, those who live around you, and being an active member can help in gaining a community of support in your pregnancy.

Pregnancy can bring a world of experiences that can be new and scary if you go at it alone. Having a community of supporters can make the difference in an joyous occasion versus an abundance of frustrations. Community can help relieve a lot pressures that could be faced. Help and relationships with others should never be looked at as being weak but as a support system that leads to a healthy pregnancy.