Timing cycles to get your pregnancy to happen at the right time is the easiest way to have success. You cannot absolutely make your pregnancy happen, but you have some tools that help. Read more below to see what happens when you have timed your cycles to know when you are fertile.

1. This Does Not Happen Immediately

The timing process does not happen immediately because you must have an idea of how your cycle works. Your cycle will trick you at times, and you should use an online or mobile app to track your cycle. You learn how long your cycle is, when it usually occurs, and when you are most fertile. The app works all this out for you, and it even catalogs when you have had sex.

2. Use The App Daily

The app must be used daily so you learn about your cycle in a practical way. You cannot learn when your cycle happens or how long it lasts if you are not using the app. The app gives you consistent information about your cycle, and it gives tips when you check every day.

3. Learn Your Fluids

You must learn how your fluids change when you are going through your cycle, and it is important to check them yourself. You learn when you are fertile based on these fluids, and you must check the fluids often because your body is constantly changing. You might have fertile or sticky cervical fluid in the morning, but it might be clear and benign in the evening. It takes only a second to check, and you can log that in your app.

4. Talk To Your Partner

You must talk to your partner about all that you are doing to get pregnant, and they must be aware of how hard it is to get on your cycle and have sex at the right time. If your partner is not aware, they will be confused, and you must keep them informed so that they know when it is most important to make love.

5. Stay Healthy

You must eat a healthy Diet and exercise as much as you can. Your body responds to a good diet and exercise routine better than anything, and you must have a plan for your diet that keeps your weight stable. Regular exercise keeps your menstrual cycle regular, and the process becomes much simpler when you have a diet in place that you know works.

6. Conclusion

Timing your cycle to get pregnant is the only reliable way to increase your chances of getting pregnant on your first try. You cannot account for everything, but you have a much better chance of getting pregnant when you use a mobile app to track your cycle and care for your body. Change your diet to assure that you are healthy, and use an app that gives you tips as you plan for your next interlude with your partner. Anything less leaves your pregnancy up to chance.


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