Lunaception today

LUNACEPTION is a way to make the rhythm method work, teaching women how to know their bodies so well that they know, ahead of time each month, when they will be fertile. Using triggers in the environment, she models her bedroom to imitate the darkness we evolved in.

The method has never been scientifically proven, but the results are stunning. (I would certainly like science to take this seriously.) See Google for the word. The purpose of the book is to make contraception and conception a choice. Women's empowerment is the real result.

I have engaged in correspondence with users, asking for their results and what their goal is. Over the years I have more than 1100 letters, and here are the answers of the women:

Of those who answered my question about how many children they wanted, nearly 90% answered two, one or none. The mean was close to one. If that were the case for a large portion of our population, each generation would drop almost by half until it reached a level more like that of the Native Americans.

Our bodies (and our urges) are not perfect of course, so the day-after-pill and abortion were sometimes used as back up, as they are today as well. But enabling women to choose how many children they wanted would mean something very important: those children would be those who were loved.

And think about it. Cutting down of trees in huge numbers; much too much automobile traffic; onerous taxes for schools, roads, and everything else -- the list goes on. The bottom line is that our environmental problems would be gone!