Contacting Louise Lacey

If you are interested in scheduling a phone consultation, or simply have a few questions, you can contact Louise by emailing her at

Louise Lacey has been a freelance writer most of her life. Making a living at it financially has been difficult, but extremely rewarding. It has enabled her to do what she wanted, beginning with Lunaception. That in turn has brought her in correspondence with women (and a few men) who have been empowered by the idea.

She has also been involved with the native plant movement, and as time has gone on, with land restoration. She edited and published a newsletter for ten years (59 issues) about how to grow native plants, and now has a website for Californians called

Lacey is a tested dowser of earth energies, has a guaranteed solution to human hemorrhoids, has invented a number of small intriguing things, and is currently writing a book called WONDER STORIES. It is a collection of 1-3 page stories -- half hers and half others -- describing momentary events between humans and wildlife that bring them together in intentional, unexpected ways.

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