Want to make a baby and haven't yet?

Before you spend tens of thousands of dollars on fertility experts, try Lunaception first!

Have a phone consultation with Louise Lacey. Here's how. Send an email directly to: LadyLFAB@gmail.com

In it, describe in a few paragraphs: your situation, your age, if you have been pregnant before, why you think you and your mate are fertile, your state of health, and what means you have resorted to so far. Add any other details you think are relevant, but don't fill more than one page. We can talk more later.

And, have you read the book, Lunaception? If so, send a copy of your chart ahead of time. In any event, I will reply. If we agree, we will schedule a telephone consultation which lasts an hour and costs $50.

During that, you and I are going to talk intimately about your mind and body. I start with: tell me who you are. I will ask questions. Then we will create a strategy for success. I am not infallible. Neither is your body. But Lunaception optimizes your reproductive health. So if you know that you and your mate are fertile, your chances, after a consultation with me and after reading the book and keeping your chart, will result in a normal pregnancy in less than a year. You won't have to deal with embarrassing medical procedures or spend large dollars.

Save it for the layette!