Want to avoid pregnancy but don't know how without pills, surgery, devices or potions? Lunaception is the answer!

Lunaception is a way for any fertile woman to get to know her body so well she will know, ahead of time, when she is fertile.

To learn the facts about your body, you will keep a chart measuring your body temperatures, vaginal secretions, and your physical and mental activities. After a few months you see your own patterns, on paper. Lunaception teaches you naturally -- from the cosmic to the intimate -- so you don't have to be a passive bystander anymore. Instead, you can decide what to do about it all.

When are you most interested in sex? When is your mind concentrated? When do you enjoy being alone? When do you feel most strong and agile? These changes in emotions and energies operate in cycles, and you will learn yours by keeping track of them. The knowledge you gain about your own body is all you need to pinpoint the moment of conception.

To avoid pregnancy you will avoid sexual activity during your fertile time, which is only a few days out of the month. (Your fertile time is actually about 8 hours a month; however, sperm lasts longer.) If you absolutely must, take the very small chance of pregnancy (less than 2%) and ask your partner to use a condom.

I've written in a personal way because health, sex and the creation of life are very personal subjects, and because the story of Lunaception is a chronicle of my own search for an effective way to avoid conception without violating my body. I found what I wanted. And a great deal more. You will too.